Orienteering Association of Hong Kong

Minutes of the Eighth Technical Committee Meeting on Competition System

Held on 21 February 2000, 7pm at Meeting Room Nos. 4 & 5 of Sports House

2.2 The meeting confirmed that a maximum of 4 mappers of each new map could be submitted to OAHK for registration.

2.3 TS reported that the Course Setter Course was already completed. The participants who had at least 80% attendance would award the Attendance Certificate and would be registered as Course Setter until 2001. If they were appointed as Course Setter in any open competition on or before 2001, they could be re-registered after 2001.

Item 3 Champions League Events

3.1 After discussion, the meeting agreed that in the next competition season, the League runners could hire an E-card for $50 or buy new E-cards. A letter would be sent to them to complete which option they decided and replied to OAHK before the commencement of the next competition season.

3.2 All League runners should inform OAHK their E-card numbers before the commencement of the competition season. If they want to change their E-card numbers during the season, they should pay an administration fee of $50 to OAHK and they were restricted to change their E-card numbers for one time only in a competition season.

3.3 The meeting agreed that the E-cards would be collected at the last Champions League Event on 12 March 2000. Those League runners who did not join this event would need to return the E-cards to OAHK within one week from 12 March 2000.

3.4 TS reported that 2 League runners had lost their E-cards. The meeting agreed that the number of the lost e-cards would be cancelled. If anyone who found the lost E-cards should return to the competitors.









2.2 會議通過每張新地圖最多只可提交四名繪圖員名單作註冊之用。

2.3 技術秘書表示路線設計員訓練班已結束,出席率達八成之參加者可獲頒發出席證書,並可註冊為路線設計員至2001年。如他們於2001年前獲委任為任何一個公開比賽的路線設計員則可於2001年後再行註冊。

三. 錦標聯賽

3.1 經商討後,會議通過於下一個賽季,聯賽賽員可以港幣五十元租用電子控制咭,他們亦可購買全新之電子控制咭。有關信件將會寄予各賽員,並需於下個賽季開始前回覆總會他們之意願。

3.2 所有聯賽賽員需要通知總會有關他們的電子控制咭號碼,如他們於賽季期間有意更換電子控制咭號碼則需要繳付港幣五十元之行政費予總會;他們並只限於每一個賽季更換電子控制咭號碼一次。

3.3 會議通過將會於2000年3月12日之最後一場錦標聯賽收回所有電子控制咭,未有參加當日比賽之聯賽賽員則需於2000年3月12日後之一個星期內將電子控制咭交還予總會。

3.4 技術秘書報告有兩名聯賽賽員遺失了電子控制咭,會議通過將遺失之電子控制咭號碼取消,如有任何人仕拾獲該些電子控制咭需交還予有關賽員。