Minute of 6th Technical Committee on Competition System, 24 Nov 1999

Item 3 Color Coded Events

3.3 The meeting also agreed that for the 3 colour coded events in the year 2000, participants would not be eligible to have individual prizes if they did not fill in the age class or complete wrongly. The age class of the 2 colour coded events in November and December 1999 would be completed by OAHK staff manually.

Item 4 Start Time

4.1 As resolved at the previous meeting, one digital clock will be placed at the Event Centre to show the official time and another clock will be placed at the start area.

4.2 The meeting agreed to amend item 2.8 of the previous meeting minutes as the digital clock at the start area will show the entry time

4.3 The start time of the late comers would be arranged by the organiser

4.4 The start list of the Champions League Event should be posted at the start area.

Item 5 Mr.Birney Memorial Event

5.1 TS reported that one point was mis-positioned at the Mr. Birney Event and one complaint was received. YAOC proposed that those competitors who filled in different clubs at the entry form would not be counted as the clubsscore, this proposal was seconded by AKIN. The meeting agreed that these forms would not be counted as clubsscore. After discussion, the meeting agreed that the results of the events remain unchanged and would be disclosed to all clubs.

5.2 The meeting resolved that a regulation would be added for the score event as complaint should be made immediately crossing the finishing area.

5.3 The meeting agreed that the future entry form of Mr. Birney Event would have only one space to fill in the name of affiliated club.