Minute of 5th Technical Committee on Competition System, 27 Sep 1999

Item 2 Champions League Events

2.1 TS proposed to stop the clubsíŽnomination of runners to join the Champions League Events but the nomination of the Junior Squads to compete in the Champions League Events from the Squad Coach was still opened. The meeting agreed the proposal.

2.2 The meeting agreed that competitors of Champions League Events need not give the competition maps to the officials at the finishing point. But competitors should be responsible to guarantee that the information of the maps would not be disclosed to competitors who did not start or to competitors of the open event held on the same date. Competitors who did not follow this rule would be disqualified.

2.3 The meeting agreed that not less than 8 courses could be set in all Champions League Events. The suggestion of the 8 courses were as follows :

1. HE
2. H35
3. H40, H20
4. DE
5. H18, D20, D35
6. H16, D18
7. H14, D16
8.     D14

2.4 TS said that it need not point out the level of difficulties and the climb up in the above courses, but the organiser had to state in the event information the course length and the recommended winning time of each course.

2.5 Start order should be allotted to the men's classes first and those classes who had the most number of competitors. The minimum starting interval of each class should be at least 3 minutes.

2.5 TS said that the organiser could decide by their own the time for all courses closed according to the last starting time and the recommended winning time and the time for all courses closed should be stated in the event information.

2.6 The organiser also need to state in the event information the allowed course time of each class. No score would be given if beyond this allowed course time.

2.7 The meeting agreed that 2 digital clocks should be prepared in the Champions League Events. One should place at the event centre and the other in the front of the starting area. These 2 clocks should display the same and actual competition time which should not be earlier than the official time of the Hong Kong Observatory Department..

2.8 The 1 minute's map reading time would be cancelled in the Champions League Events.

2.9 Competitors should be responsible for taking the right map and to check the information on map was correct.

3.1 Decisions about an appeal of the competition made by the Technical (Competition System) Committee were final