Minute of 4th Technical Committee on Competition System, 15 Sep 1999

Item 2 Champions League Events

2.2 Patrick Ng said that OAHK accepted all the nominations and would not organise any technical assessment on the candidates, OAHK should write to these clubs stated that they should be responsible for the runners they recommended. The meeting agreed this proposal and would be followed up by SE.

Item 3 Electronic Punching System

    1. 3.1 The Electronic Punching System would be used in the Champions League Events. The meeting agreed that the OAHK Technical By-laws would be revised as if the Electronic Punching System used by the organiser was operated normally, competitors could not refuse to use this system.

3.2 The meeting agreed that an e-card would be allocated free of charge to every competitor in the Champions League Events . They would keep this e-card throughout this competition season and would use the same e-card in all Champions League Events. But this e-card should be returned to OAHK after all the Champions League Events were completed.

3.4 Any loss or damage of the e-cards would be responsible by the competitors. If there had any loss or damage of the e-card, the competitors need to pay HK$300. And if the competitors forgot to bring the e-card on the day of event, the competitor need to pay HK$200 rental charge to hire a spare e-card from the organiser. But OAHK would only have limited number of spare e-cards. The competitors need to sign the acknowledgement receipt when collecting the e-card and the above terms would be stated at the acknowledgement of receipt.

3.5 It was planned that a seminar would be organised in October to introduce the usage of the Electronic Punching System. The morning session would be organised for clubs and the afternoon session for the competitors of the League Events. The e-cards would also be distributed to the competitors during the seminar

3.6 OAHK would also purchase e-cards in the next competition season, competitors of the League Events could buy or hire the e-cards from OAHK.

3.7 If there had any loss or damage of the control units, the cost would be shared by OAHK and the organising clubs