Minute of 1st Technical Committee on Competition System, 7 July 1999

Item 1 Setting Up of Technical Committee

    1. It was agreed that the Technical Committee on Competition System would comprise of representatives from all affiliated clubs. Each affiliated clubs could have one vote in the meeting and the voting representative should be OAHK registered members.
    2. The quorum for the meeting should be one/fourth of the affiliated clubs. The Technical Secretary should act as the Chairman at the meeting. In the absence of the Technical Secretary, any one of the clubs representative could be appointed to act as the Chairman by the TS.
    3. Every proposal at the meeting should be decided by voting with one/half of the clubs present. Members must vote for, against and abstain. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting should have a casting vote.
  1. Competition System
    1. TS said that in the coming four years, a maximum of 5 Colour Coded Events and 5 Champions League Events would be organised each year.
    2. Each affiliated club could apply to organise only 1 Colour Coded Event and 1 Champions League Event each year. And the event application form should be submitted to OAHK on or before 31 May each year.
    3. Every Champions League Events should be held in the span of a period of not less than14 days.
    4. Steve from POC asked the comments from the meeting on organising two events in one day as clubs usually organised Champions League Event and their clubsChampionships at the same day. More mistakes might be occurred and the administration procedure might be more complicated. The meeting agreed that clubs could decide by themselves.
    5. The meeting agreed that competitors in the Champions League Events could not ranked in the Colour-coded Events and no individual prizes would be presented to them. They could only be the guest runners in the Colour-coded Events.
    6. Registrar said that OAHK would set new computer programme for the ranking result. Participants need not choose whether they wish to join the Colour-coded Ranking as the new computer programme would automatically calculate their score if they were eligible to join the Colour-coded Ranking.
    7. The meeting agreed that the classes and the level of difficulties of the Colour-coded Events would be amended as follows :
Colour Equivalent Ranking Classes Difficulty
White Nil Very Easy
Yellow D14 Easy
Orange D16, H14 Medium
Red D18, H16, D21A (non-ranking class) Medium
Green D20, H18, D35, H21A (non-ranking class) Medium
Blue H20, D21, H40 Difficult
Brown H21, H35 Very Difficult
    1. The meeting agreed to add a new colour course Redin the Colour-coded Events.
    2. The meeting agreed to add two non-ranking classes: D21A & H21A in the Colour-coded Events.

Item 3 Any Other Business

  1. TS said that the promotion system and the event officialsregistration system would be discussed at the next meeting. He proposed that the number of competitors in the League Events to be increased to 200. He wished clubs could recommend the juniors and those who were aged 35 or above to join the League Events and the number of HE runners would be limited to 20
  2. TS said that clubs need to submit the list of officials, i.e controller, event organiser, course setter & mapper who had organised League or Colour-coded Events in the past years. OAHK would issue certificates to these officials and training courses would be organised.

Item 4 End of Meeting

    1. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2130 hours. The next meeting would be held on 21 July 1999, 7pm at the Sports House. All clubs were advised to send at least one representative to the meeting.