Orienteering Association of Hong Kong

Minutes of the Third Technical Committee Meeting 2004/2005

Held on 9 November 2004, 7:15pm at Meeting Rooms No. 4 & 5 of Sports House


Present             :       Mr Yue Ting Wang, Dominic  Technical Secretary

                                Mr Yan Kin Kong                    Event Secretary/IOF Event Controller

                                Mr Leung Lam                         Club Representative (AKIN)/IOF Event Controller

                                Mr Hui Siu Tung                      Competitor Representative

                                Mr Choi Yuen Hang                        Mapping Coordinator

                                Mr Lau Wing Kit                     Event Official Representative

                                Mr Lui Ka Lok                         - ditto

                                Mr Leung Chi Yan                   - ditto

                                Mr Ng Kwan Shing                  Club Representative (HKOC)

                                Mr Lam Chiu Kwai                  Club representative (HKOL)


Absent With     :       Mr Ng Kam Fu, Patrick            TCS/ Club Representative (AYP)/

Apologize                                                                IOF Event Controller

                                Mr Yeung Wai Yin                  Club Representative (VOC)

                                Ms Mak Ching Men                 Competitor Representative

                                Mr Chan Chi Sing                    - ditto -


In-attendance   :       Mr Liang Chi Hang                  YAOC

                                Mr Tam Shu Fun                      FOC


Item 1    Confirmation of Last Meeting Minutes


1.1            The minutes of last TC Meeting held on 21 September 2004 was confirmed without amendment.


Item 2    Nomination of DE Runner


2.1            Referring to Item 3.2 of last meeting minutes, HKOXCC submitted to TC the results of Ms Vivian Lee. Meeting accepted the application of Ms Vivian Lee to join DE class.


Item 3      Event Workshop


3.1            TS reported that OAHK would organise an Event Workshop on 11 November 2004.  The objective of the Workshop was to brief League runners the usage of E-card, and to brief organizing clubs the application of OEvent software and EMIT System.


Item 4      Event Schedule 2005-2006


4.1            The meeting discussed the Event Schedule for the year 2005-2006 to allow clubs to better planning of events to be organised.


4.2            The meeting made the following resolution :


4.2.1     The Annual Classic Championships shall be organized in mid-March 2005.


4.2.2     All Colour-coded Event, Open Orienteering Competitions and Ranking League Events shall be organized before the Annual Classic Championships.


4.2.3     The Annual Middle Distance Championships and Annual Short Distance Championships shall be organized after the Classic Championships, i.e. between late March and April.


4.2.4     Mr Birney Memorial Event to be organized in September.


4.2.5     Night Orienteering Championships could be organized anytime in the season.


4.2.6     Relay Event to be organized in April.


4.2.7     MSF Competition, an important event for OAHK as a publicity and community services shall be held in January.


4.2.8     Meeting proposed that the three School District Championships should be organized in conjunction with Colour-coded Events or shall be organized on Saturdays. It would be followed-up by SOS, ES and TS.


4.2.9     Clubs should avoid organizing events after mid-March.


4.2.10   Meeting discussed organizing the three Annual Championships in carnival style consecutively. After discussion, clubs found the proposal has too many difficulties therefore would not pursue the idea.


Item 5      Any Other Business


5.1            Mr Birney Event 2004


  5.1.1       As EPTS was used in the event and all competitors had the same course. Competitors in this event could visit all controls they ran into or just punch any control found by following people without navigation. After discussion, the meeting decided that more than one course should be set in Score Event using EPTS to force competitors to navigate and differentiate between their own & other controls.


5.1.2     With the usage of EPTS, mass start has not been arranged. Competitors started in event their own time in the cross country event fashion. The meeting proposed that mass start should be adopted in Score and Relay Event to maintain the event atmosphere.


5.1.3     Meeting proposed that the Start and Finish area of a Score Event should be located near the Event Centre.


5.1.4     Winners and front runners in this year’s event exceeded one hour time limit but could still win after deduction of score. To maintain the equity in a Score Event, the scoring system should not favor those who were late. 


5.2            Walkie-Talkie


5.2.1         ES said that the existing OAHK walkie-talkies could not function well in competition area. Meeting said that organizers should seek repeater post on their own.


5.3            Lost of E-card


5.3.1         Meeting agreed that the participating qualification of competitor who lost/did not return E-card but not reported to Finish should be suspended until they paid the compensation charges. Meeting proposed clubs to suspend the participating qualification of those competitors also. Meeting also proposed Displinary Committee to consider adding penalty rules. A member of meeting proposed but meeting did not agreed to add too many warning wordings in event information.


Item 6      End of Meeting


6.1            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2100 hours.






                                                                                             Yue Ting Wang, Dominic

                                                                                                Technical Secretary