Orienteering Association of Hong Kong

Minutes of the Second Technical Committee Meeting 2004/2005

Held on 21 September 2004, 7:20pm at Meeting Rooms No. 3 & 4 of Sports House


Present             :       Mr Yue Ting Wang, Dominic  Technical Secretary

                                Mr Yan Kin Kong                    Event Secretary/IOF Event Controller

                                Mr Leung Lam                         Club Representative (AKIN)/IOF Event Controller

                                Mr Hui Siu Tung                      Competitor Representative

                                Ms Mak Ching Men                 - ditto -

                                Mr Chan Chi Sing                    - ditto -

                                Mr Lau Wing Kit                     Event Official Representative

                                Mr Lui Ka Lok                         - ditto -

                                Mr Ng Kwan Shing                  Club Representative (HKOC)

                                Mr Lam Chiu Kwai                  Club representative (HKOL)


Absent With     :       Mr Ng Kam Fu        , Patrick           TCS/ Club Representative (AYP)/ Apologize                                                                   IOF Event Controller

                                Mr Choi Yuen Hang                        Mapping Coordinator

                                Mr Yeung Wai Yin                  Club Representative (VOC)

                                Mr Leung Chi Yan                   Event Official Representative


In-attendance   :       Mr Liang Chi Hang                  YAOC

                                Ms So Wing Man                     - ditto

                                Mr Chow Long Man                        WYCHK


Item 1    Confirmation of Last Meeting Minutes


1.1            The minutes of last TC Meeting held on 13 August 2004 were confirmed without amendment.


Item 2    Matters Arising


2.1            Referring to Item 2 of last meeting minutes, TS reported that the English version of the revised Competition By-law was already posted on website. The Chinese version would be available soon.


2.2            Referring to Item 4 of last meeting minutes, TS reported that circulars had been sent to all members for rental or purchase of EMIT E-card. Seminars would be organized at the end of October or early November for the usage of E-card to competitors and the application of EMIT system for clubs.

Item 3      Nomination of DE Runners


3.1            TS reported that OAHK received nominations from NDOC, HKOXCC and HKOC. The nominations were circulated at the meeting. After vetting, meeting accepted the following applications :


                 Ms Lee Wai Ling                     Ms Tsang Mei Po             NDOC

                 Ms Fung Yuk Ching         Ms Lai Sin Ling                HKOC


3.2            Due to the lack of information, meeting did not accept the nomination of Ms Vivian Lee from  HKOXCC. Meeting agreed that Ms Lee should submit to TC her results for the past 2 years for consideration at the next meeting.


3.3            Since HE class had no vacancy and TC did not invite nomination from club, the nomination of Mr Chan Ka Shing from HKOXCC for HE class was rejected.


Item 4      IOF Anti-doping Rules


4.1            TS reported that OAHK received the document of IOF Anti-doping Rules which were based on world regulations. Class A athletes should be ready for checking anytime and anywhere. TS would pass the information to Selection Committee and the Training & Coaching Committee.


Item 5      Selection of Athletes for Annual Championships


5.1            TS proposed that 45 women and 45 men’s athletes to be selected to join the Annual Classic Distance Championships. After deliberation, meeting agreed the following selection method :


                 5.1.1   The first 15 places of HE & DE classes in the overall ranking results

                 5.1.2   The first 5 places of H21A & D21A classes in the overall ranking results

                 5.1.3  The remaining vacancy should be selected from the Brown course in Colour-coded Event. Since there had only one Colour-coded Event organized before the Annual Classic Distance Championships 04/05, the vacancy would be filled up by Brown course competitors in event held on 9 January 2005.


5.2            Qualifying race would be organized on the same day for Annual Sprint and Middle Distance Championships.


5.3           TS reported that he would be the organizer for all the three Annual Championships this season. Mr Lee Man Wai, Mr Choi Yuen Hang and Mr Choi Kam Kwai were appointed as the course setters. 


Item 6      EMIT Fund


6.1            TS reported that money was drawn from OAHK to purchase e-cards for members and EMIT Fund should repay the amount to OAHK later.


6.2            TS reported that OAHK would purchase one more set of EMIT system for use in Asian Cities Orienteering Championships 2004.


Item 7      Arrangement of Event Organisation for Co-Organising Club


7.1            TS reported that OAHK would borrow the OEvent software and computer to co-organising clubs. Clubs could not upload other software or application at the computer. The OEvent software could be handed to co-organising clubs in advance for their testing.


7.2            Apart from the HKOC Championships held on 21 November 2004, the cooperation format between OAHK and co-organising clubs would remain the same as last year.


7.3            A one-day seminar would be organized for co-organising clubs.


7.4            After discussion, meeting agreed that prizes would be presented to the first 6 places of 8 classes in Colour-coded Events this season. Winners should collect their medals within 1 month. Starting from Colour-coded Events in next season, prizes would be presented to the first 10 places of the 4 most difficult classes, i.e. Brown, Blue, Red and Green.




Item 8      Registration of Event Officials


8.1            After deliberation, Meeting agreed that the registration of event officials revised as follows :


                 8.1.1     Cancel the registration of Course Setter


                 8.1.2     Registration of Mapper remain unchanged since mapper require   professional skill


                 8.1.3     Event Official registration divided into 3 levels –


                              The first level was “Organizer” which included Start, Finish, Results     Official and Course Setter. Each event could register a total of 4         organisers, 1 for each of the above position. Organsier could not be              appointed as controller of OAHK events.


                              The second level was “Controller II” which was event controllers of     OAHK events. They could also be organizer or controller for club’s events.


                              The third level was “Controller I” which was IOF Licensed Event        Controller. Controller I would be responsible for OAHK large-scale   events and training of event officials.


                              Each event official could only register at one level only.


8.2            Meeting proposed that the allowance for the above positions should be more than other officials.  ES said that OAHK would submit proposal to LCSD for subvention in next year.


8.3            TS proposed that official allowance should also be divided into 3 levels. The first level was Annual Championships, the second level was Ranking & Colour-coded Events while the third level was other events.


8.4            Start from 04/05, registered officials should renew their registration qualification each year. Those who failed to register would be downgrade to a lower level. The upgrade of registration level would be reviewed and discussed at TC.


Item 9      End of Meeting


9.1            There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2130 hours.



                                                                                             Yue Ting Wang, Dominic

                                                                                                Technical Secretary