National Squad

Elite Squad


  • Provide high level of training for elite athletes, preparing for the international competitions
  • Obtain medals in the elite class in ASOCs
  • Participate in the World Championships (WOC and JWOC)

Elite Squad will run throughout the year. It opens for recruiting players before the beginning of each year.

Age Group Squad

Senior Squad -athletes 18 years old or above
Junior Squad              -athletes between 10 to 18 years old
Development Squad  -athletes between 9 to 16 years old


  • Enhance athlete's competition results
  • Provide opportunities for overseas competitions and training
  • Obtain medals in ASOCs

Senior and Junior Squad will run throughout the year. Senior and Junior open for recruiting players before the beginning of each year. Development Squad opens for recruitment all year round

2020.03.25 National Squad Information (NEW)

Arrangements of 2020 Squad Trainings

Notice: Suspension of Squad trainings

2019.12.12 National Squad Information

Recruitment of Squad 2020 (Phase II)

Entry Details, Entry Form, Squad Regulations, EDS Training and Competition Plan

Development Squad Entry Details and Entry Form