Orienteering Association of Hong Kong

Minutes of the Fifth Technical Committee on Mapping

Held on 20 December 1999, 7:30pm at HKAYP Headquarters

Item 4 Map Symbol and Scale

4.1 It was found that "Stone Wall (symbol no. 519)" could be used to represent stone-faced banks.

4.2 It was agreed that the suitable map scale, symbol sizes and the intensity of "yellow", "green" and "50% brown" colours would be confirmed in later meetings.

4.3 It was planned that the standard of map drawing would be finalized towards the end of this competition season and would notify all competitors in September 2000.




日期 : 一九九九年十一月二十二日

地點 : 香港青年獎勵計劃總部

時間 : 晚上七時


. 圖例

3.1 會議通過如用1:15000比例繪畫圖例,則需在地圖上註明;而” 石” 則須用1:10000比例繪畫。

3.2 會議通過可以用以下之方式顯示特別符號:

3.2.1 如地圖沒有IOF圖例,則需於地圖內註明該特別符號之特徵;例如:O-廢車(非IOF圖例)。

3.2.2 如地圖有IOF圖例,該特別符號之特徵亦需於地圖內註明;例如:X : 特別人工物-廢車