Orienteering Association of Hong Kong

Minutes of the Third Technical Committee on Mapping

Held on 13 October 1999, 7pm at HKAYP Headquarters

Item 2 Map

2.2 The logo of the sponsor could be printed on maps. @

2.3 Since the maps were owned by club, the printing of OAHK logo on maps could be decided by clubs themselves.

Item 3 Map Symbol

3.2 The meeting agreed that the Wreckage could also be drawn on maps. Special symbol used for the Wreckage should be stated on maps and the event information.

3.3 The Container could be classified as Building on maps.

3.4 Grave with diameter more than 10m could use Bare Ground as the background.

3.5 Shrine with less than 1m high would be classified as Grave .




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