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2020.10.23 (NEW)

2020-2021 Mapping Course Application Form

(Deadline: 13th November 2020) (Chinese version only)

2020.10.20 Training Information: (NEW)

Notice: Organising Orienteering Training Course amidst the COVID-19 pandemic (Chinese version only)

2020.10.15 (NEW)

First Aid - One Day Refresher Course

Course Details (Full)

2020.10.09 (NEW)

Insertion of HKORL Age Class and 2022 Elite Class Arrangements

Technical Notice (Chinese version only)

2020.10.06 : (NEW)

Hong Kong Sports Institute - Sport Aid Grant 2021-2022

SAG Notice, Application Form, Criteria Guidelines (Deadline: 30th October 2020)

2020.09.30 Competition Information: (NEW)

Special Arrangement on OAHK Events (Chinese version only ; Last updated on 30th September 2020)

2020.09.28 National Squad Information: (NEW)

Resumption of National Squad Training

Resumption of National Squad Training Notice

2020.09.28 Coach Information: (NEW)

Updated information of Orienteering teaching materials

(ISOM 2017-2, ISSprOM 2019 & IOF Control Description v.2018)

Notice, IOF Control Descriptions (2018) (Coach Edition),

Key changes in ISOM 2017 and ISSprOM2019 Specifications (Coach Edition)

2020.08.17 Coach Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Coaching Committee

Introductory Sports Coaching Course (ICC)

Course Code: 2021-ICC05

2021-ICC05 Schedule, 2021-ICC05 Application Form

Training Information: (NEW)

OAHK Level 1 and 2 Orienteering Course – (Aug-Sep)

Postponement Notice (Chinese version only)

*(The training course has been postponed.)

2020.07.23 Training Information: (NEW)

School Sports Programme - Easy Sport (Joint Schools) Training Programme 2020 - Park Orienteering Course

Cancellation Notice

*(The training course has been cancelled.)

2020.07.21 Trail O Information:

Elementary Trail O Training Course

*(The training course has been cancelled.)

2020.04.14 Competition Information:

Asian Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships 2021

Sprint           - Date: 2021.12.26 Venue: San Tin

Middle          - Date: 2021.12.25 Venue: Tai Ling

Sprint Relay - Date: 2021.12.27 Venue: Tui Min Hoi

Event information (Embargoed Area announced)

2020.04.08 Training Information

Level 4 Orienteering Training Course (2020)

(Course will be postponed until further notice)

>>>More Competition Information<<<

>>>More Training Information<<<

Other Information

2020.10.20 (NEW)

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to hold the prize ceremony on the day of 39th AGM, OAHK will make an official announcement on or before the 31 Dec 2020 after assessing the possibility of holding the prize ceremony. Please find the award list as below for your information.

39th AGM - Awardees list of the Prize Presentation (Chinese version only)

2020.10.09 (NEW)

Anti-epidemic Fund- One-off Grant to Registered Sports Coaches
Application Details (Deadline: 2020.11.30)

2020.09.14 (NEW)

Arrangement on Latest Office Services

In view of the latest situation of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the OAHK offices will be reopened from the 14th September.

2020.07.02 (NEW)

2020 / 2021 Membership Application (chinese version only)

Application Link

2020.06.30 (NEW)

Eventor World Hong Kong - Guild for first registration (Updated Version)


2019/2021 Executive Committee Meeting - Meeting Report from Mar to May 2020

Meeting Report from Mar to May 2020 / Appendix 1 - Meeting Guidelines / Appendix 2 - Criteria for Affiliated Club / Appendix 3 - Principle of using Eventor World


Notice - Information on organising Orienteering Training Activities during the summer period (chinese version only)


Appointments of Executive Committee Members


Eventor World Hong Kong - Guild for first registration


Policy of Sexual Harassment (chinese version only)