All competitions held in Hong Kong which organised by OAHK and her affiliated clubs should be registered to OAHK Registrar, the OAHK Registrar publishs a Fixture (OAHK Calendar) for that competition year (mostly from October to April the next year) to all affiliated clubs and public regularly. You may also obtain the fixture as well as event information below.

All people are welcomed to join those events except ranking event, which are limited to selected OAHK runners only. In case you have any enquiry, you may contact the organiser directly. You may also obtain the entry form from
Download Centre or OAHK office.

Fixture 2008/2009
Updated on 2008-11-05 (letters in red)

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AOC - Annual


Color Coded

Fun Day

Event Organised

Event organised
 by affiliated club


Date Organiser Co-organising Event Title Type Venue Enquiry
26/10/2008 OAHK PCOC Colour-coded Orienteering Event Open Ngau Liu 25048112
8/11/2008 OAHK QCOC Joint School Orienteering Championships
Kowloon District
Open Aberdeen Country Park 25048112
16/11/2008 OAHK SOC Hong Kong Ranking League Event Ranking Braemar Hill 25048112
16/11/2008 LCSD/ HKOC Park Orienteering Fun Day Open Lam Tin Park 23436123
(Afternoon) OAHK
22/11/2008 OAHK PCOC
Joint School Orienteering Championships
HK Island & New Territories District
Open Tsing Yi 25048112
23/11/2008 OAHK FSOC Colour-coded Orienteering Event Open Tai Tong 25048112
30/11/2008 OAHK HKOL 15th Mr. Paddy Birney Memorial Score Event Open Wan Tsai,  25048112
Sai Kung
14/12/2009 HKOC   HKOC Championships cum
Micro-O Competition
Open Tai Mo Shan 24213408
25/12/2008 OAHK OAHK Coach HK Youth OL Championships Open Ngau Liu 25048112
4/1/2009 LCSD/ HKOC Family Orienteering Fun Day Open Siu Sai Wan Promenade 25642264
11/1/2009 HKOC   HKOC Committee Cup cum Open Event Open Tap Mun 24213408
Hong Kong Ranking League Event Ranking
11/1/2009 LCSD/ C&P Park Orienteering Fun Day Open Laguna Park 23436123
(Afternoon) OAHK
18/1/2009 MSF/OAHK   MSF Orienteering Competition 2009 Open To be confirmed 29594249
8/2/2009 OAHK HKOC Colour-coded Orienteering Event Open Yuen Tun 25048112




Cheung Chau Orienteering Open Event


Cheung Chau


22/2/2009 OAHK AKIN Colour-coded Orienteering Event Open Tsing Yi 25048112
28/2-1/3/2009 AYP   Rogaine 24 Open Lantau Island 27283243
7/3/2009 OAHK SOC Children Park Orienteering Championships  Open Hong Kong Park 25048112
Kowloon District
8/3/2009 OAHK YAOC Hong Kong Ranking League Event Ranking Ngong Ping, Lantau Island 25048112
21/3/2009 OAHK FOC Children Park Orienteering Championships Open Lai Chi Kok Park 25048112
Kowloon District
28/3/2009 OAHK PCOC Children Park Orienteering Championships Open Shatin Park 25048112
N.T. District




Hong Kong O Open Competition cum
HKOC Night O Event


Lamma Island


19/4/2009 OAHK HKIOF LII Festival of Sport –  Open Wan Tsai, Sai Kung 25048112
Orienteering Relay Event




OAHK   - Orienteering Association of Hong Kong
LCSD       - Leisure and Cultural Services Department
MSF        - Medecins San Frontieres
AKIN        - Akinalliance
C&P         - Clairvoyant and Pegasus
DBSOC    - Diocesan Boys' School Orienteering Club
DGSOC   - Diocesan Girls' School Orienteering Club
FOC        - Hong Kong Family Orienteering Club
HFC         - Ho Fung College Orienteering Club
HKAYP    - Hong Kong Award for Young People
HKIOF     - Hong Kong Island Orienteering Force
HKOC      - Hong Kong Orienteering Club

HKOL      - Hong Kong Orienteers Limited
HKOXCC  - Hong Kong Orienteering Cross-country Club
LSCOC    - La Salle College Orienteering Club
MKM       - Po Leung Kuk Ma Kam Ming College Orienteering Club
PCOC      - Pui Ching Middle School Orienteering Club
RPOC      - Rehap Power Orienteering Club
QCOC     -
Queen's College Orienteering Club
SOC        - Scout Orienteering Club

VOC        - The Volunteers Orienteering Club
YAOC     - Youth Advance Orienteering Club
ZAPOC    - ZAP Orienteering Club

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