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2018.03.16 Competition Information: (NEW)

2018/2019 Colour-coded Orienteering Event

Date: 2018.4.29 / Venue: Ah Kai Shan

(Deadline: 2018.4.8)

Event Details, Online Registration

2018.03.15 Competition Information: (NEW)

2017/2018 Colour-coded Orienteering Event

Date: 2018.03.18 / Venue: Rotary Park

Event Detail, Entry list, Event Info, Startlist

2018.03.14 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Youth Orienteering Championships 2017/2018

Date: 2018.3.10 / Venue: Duckling Hill

(Deadline: 2018.2.25)

Event Details, Embargoed Area, Entry List, Event Info, Start List (Revised), Result, Split Time

The start time of group W12 and M12 have redistributed

2018.03.14 Competition Information: (NEW)

Apex Action Orienteering Competition (Sprint) cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2018 (Sprint)

Date: 2018.03.11 / Venue: Sok Kwu Wan

(Deadline: 2018.3.1)

Event details and entry form, Embargoed Area, Startlist, Event info, Result(Updated as on 14.3.2018), Split Time

2018.03.13 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2018 (Sprint)

Date: 2018.5.27 / Venue: TBC

(Deadline: 2018.5.6)

Event Details, Online Registration

2018.03.13 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2018 (Middle)

Date: 2018.4.15 / Venue: Tai Mo Shan

(Deadline: 2018.3.25)

Event Details, Online Registration, Embargoed Area

2018.03.12 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2018 (Sprint)

Date: 2018.6.24 / Venue: TBC

Event Details

2018.03.12 Competition Information: (NEW)

HKOC Night O Event 2017/2018 cum Hong Kong Open Night O event

Date: 2018.03.31 / Venue: Ngau Liu

Event details and entry form (Deadline has been extended to 18.3.2018)

2018.03.06 Training Information (NEW)

Feeder Enhancement Program 2018-2019

Program details and Entry Form

2018.03.05 Competition Information: (NEW)

Samsung 61st Festival of Sport – Orienteering Relay Event

Date: 2018.4.8 / Venue: Tap Mun

(Deadline: 2018.3.22)

Event Details, Online Registration

2018.02.14 Training Information (NEW)

Level 1/2 Orienteering Training Course

Entry Details

2018.02.01 Training Information (NEW)

Mapping Course

Entry Details & Entry Form

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2018.03.15 Recruitment for Hong Kong Team Manager 2018 

2018.03.06 (Warm Reminder) 2nd Track Running Test will be held on 6/3 or 8/3.

2018.03.02 HK Team Selection Test Notice: Cross Country Test(Updated), Additional Information

2018.01.08 Notice: The Completion Time of Training Course Practical Lesson

2017.10.30 Membership Application/ Renewal Form 2017/2018

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