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2018.06.21 Training Information (NEW)

Level 1/2 Orienteering Training Course 2018

Event details, Registration link; Level 1 Course Entry List; Notice (Level 1)

2018.06.21 Training Information (NEW)

2018 School Sports Programme-Easy Sport (Joint Schools) Training Programme - Park Orienteering Training Course

and 2018 Easy Sport Competition - Park Orienteering Competition

Event details (Training Course Full), Registration link, Registration process(Please refer to this process before registration)

POL-01/18 Entry List; Notice

POL-02/18 Entry List; Notice

POL-03/18 Entry List; Notice

POL-04/18 Entry List; Notice

POL-05/18 Entry List; Notice

2018.06.19 Competition Information: (NEW)

Knock Out Sprint

Date: 2018.07.02 / Venue: Shatin (TBC)

Event details and application

2018.06.19 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2018 (Sprint)

Date: 2018.06.24 / Venue: Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island

Event Details, Registration link, Embargoed Area Event Info Start List

2018.06.15 Programme Information: (NEW)

Park Orienteering Fun Day

Date: 2018.06.30 / Venue: Hong Kong Velodrome Park

Event details and application

2018.06.14 Training Information (NEW)

Park Orienteering Training Course 2018 (August)

Event details, Registration link

2018.06.05 Competition Information: (NEW)

2018 HK Annual Orienteering Championships

Elite Class Eligibility, Embargoed Area (Long)

2018.06.01 Competition Information: (NEW)

6th Asian Orienteering Championships

Bulletin 2, Notice of Embargo Cancellation, Embargoed Area (Revised)

2018.05.23 Training Information (NEW)

Elementary Trail O Training Course 2018

Event details, Registration link

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