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2017.08.18 Training Information: (NEW)

Practical First Aid Course 2017 (Nov to Dec)

Course details, Online registration

2017.08.18 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League Results 2017 (Updated as on 2017/8/18)

Sprint, Middle/Long

(For any enquiry regarding to the result, please contact our staff by email : info@oahk.org.hk)

2017.08.17 Competition Information: (NEW)

District Park Orienteering Championships 2017

Event Details, Online Registration

2017.08.17 Competition Information: (NEW)

School Sports Promotion Scheme - Easy Sports Competition 2017 - Park Orienteering Competition

Startlist, Startlist(Updated), Event info

2017.08.16 Competition Information: (NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2017 (Middle-Long Distance)

Date: 2017.10.2 Venue: Cheung Ngau Shan

Event details, Online Registration, Embargoed Area

2017.08.15 Competition Information: (NEW)

Y2Y Park Orienteering Tournament 2017 (Stage 2) cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2017 (Sprint)

Date: 2017.9.17 Venue: Wo Che, Lek Yuen Estate

Event Details(Updated), Online Application, Embargoed Area

2017.08.10 Competition Information: (NEW)

HKOC Trail Orienteering Competition 2017 cum

Hong Kong Trail Orienteering Championships 2017 (Qualification)

Date: 2017.8.13 Venue: Red Lantern Hill

Event Details & Online Registration, Event Info, Start List

2017.08.03 Training Information: (NEW)

Level 3 Orienteering Training Course

Entry Details, Online Registration

*Training Courses full already

2017.07.27 Training Information: (NEW)

Park Orienteering Trials for Adults

Entry Details, Online Registration

2017.07.19 Training Information: (NEW)

Park Orienteering Training Course - Phase II

Entry Details, Online Registration

2017.07.11Training Information: (NEW)

Level 1/2 Orienteering Training Course (2017 Sep-Oct)

Entry Details, Online Registration

2016.11.11 Competition Information:

2017 Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League and Colour Coded Event

Ranking League Details, Colour Coded Details, Online Registration

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