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2016.05.26 Training Information : (NEW)

School Sports Programme – 2016 Easy Sport

(Joint Schools) Training Programme – Park Orienteering

Training Course & 2016 Easy Sport Competition -

Park Orienteering Compeition

Event Details , Online Registration

(Training Programme - FULL ALREADY)

(Candidates who joined the park orienteering training course before may apply for the park orienteering competition directly)

2016.05.26 Training Information : (NEW)

Elementary Orienteering Training Course

(Level 1 & Level 2 Training Course) (2016 Jun-Jul)

Event Details, Online Registration

(Level 2 Training Course is still available)

2016.05.20 Other Open Events:(NEW)

2016.07.03 ApexAction – Chinahealth Orienteering Competition - Sprint

Event Details

2016.05.20 Other Open Events:(NEW)

2016.06.26 ApexAction – Chinahealth Orienteering Competition - Middle

Event Details

2016.05.18 Other Open Events:(NEW)

Hong Kong Orienteering Club Orienteering Championships 2015/2016

cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2016 (Sprint)

Embargoed Area, Event details, Online Application, Entry list, Notice for Cancellation of Event , Arrangement of re-schedule, Event information(Updated), Startlist(Updated), Official Travelling, Results, Split Time

2016.05.11 Other information:

Notice: Event Embargo Arrangement (NEW)

2016.05.11 Other information:

Notice: Qualification of Elite Class Competitor of Annual Orienteering Championships (NEW)

2016.04.27 Mid-year Ranking Score: (NEW)

2016 HK Mid-year Ranking Score: Middle/Long

2016.04.21 Other Open Events: (NEW)

2016.08.06 Trimtex Mountain Bike X Orienteering 2016

Online Application

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