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2020.07.03 Competition Information(NEW)

Arrangement of OAHK competitions (chinese version only), Latest arrangement of 2 AUG Event (chinese version only)

2020.06.30 Competition Information(NEW)

Annual Orienteering Championships 2020

Middle Distance - Date: 2020.12.25 Venue: Hung Lung Hang

Sprint - Date: 2020.12.26 Venue: Lamma Island (Updated)

Long Distance - Date: 2021.01.01 Venue: Pak Sha O

Event information (Embargoed Area updated)

2020.06.29 Trail O Information:(NEW)

Elementary Trail O Training Course (Deadline 20/07/2020)

2020.06.23 Competition Information:

Trail O Qualification 2020 (PreO and TempO)

Revised Date: 2020.10.02 (Original Date: 2020.07.26) Venue: Cheung Ngau Shan

Event information and registration link (PreO)

Event information and registration link (TempO)

*(This event will be postponed to 2 Oct 2020, the venue and time remain unchange.)

2020.06.18 Training Information (NEW)

School Sports Programme - Easy Sport (Joint Schools) Training Programme 2020 - Park Orienteering Course

Dates: 2020.08.01 – 2020.08.16

Event details, Registration link

(Due to the overwhelming public response, the Park Orienteering Course have been filled. The registration is closed and thank you for your support.)

2020.06.18 Training Information (NEW)

OAHK Level 1 and 2 Orienteering Course – (Aug-Sep)

Event details, Registration link (chinese version only)

2020.06.05 Competition Information: (NEW)

World Trail Orienteering Championships 2020

Date: 2020.11.28-12.05/ Venue: Hong Kong

Notice of Cancellation , Bulletin 2

2020.04.27 Competition Information:

Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2020 (Sprint)

Date: 2020.05.24 & 2020.06.21 (Event Suspended)

*The actual date of the rescheduled race will be announced later

2020.04.14 Competition Information:

Asian Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships 2021

Sprint - Date: 2021.10.14 Venue: San Tin

Middle Distance - Date: 2021.10.16 Venue: Tai Ling

Relay - Date: 2021.10.17 Venue: Tui Min Hoi

Event information (Embargoed Area announced)

2020.04.08 Training Information

Level 4 Orienteering Training Course (2020)

(Course will be postponed until further notice)

2020.02.25 Competition Information: (NEW)

Trimtex x OS Sprint Orienteering Challenge cum Hong Kong Orienteering Ranking League 2020 (Sprint)

Date: 2020.08.02 / Venue: Ma On Shan Playground (Deadline: 24/07/2020)

Registration link, Embargoed area

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Other Information

2020.07.02 (NEW)

2020 / 2021 Membership Application (chinese version only)

Application Link

2020.06.30 (NEW)

Eventor World Hong Kong - Guild for first registration (Updated Version)

2020.06.04 (NEW)

2019/2021 Executive Committee Meeting - Meeting Report from Mar to May 2020

Meeting Report from Mar to May 2020 / Appendix 1 - Meeting Guidelines / Appendix 2 - Criteria for Affiliated Club / Appendix 3 - Principle of using Eventor World

2020.05.12 (NEW)

Notice - Information on organising Orienteering Training Activities during the summer period (chinese version only)


In view of the latest situation of COVID-19 infection, special arrangements have been made for the International Orienteering Federation competitions. Please refer to the following link for the arrangements.

Full Article : https://bit.ly/2Rlkx3y


Appointments of Executive Committee Members


Eventor World Hong Kong - Guild for first registration


Policy of Sexual Harassment (chinese version only)


2019/2020 Membership Application/Renewal

Application details & Registration link